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We are part of the German Automobile Association.

Since October 2015, our parent company has become a member of the German association for automotive trade - Bundesverband für freie KFZ-Händler, which is a confirmation that our efforts to reliably present a number of used vehicles are successful not only in Poland but also in Germany.

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Petr Konvička

Ford Mustang

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Review - CarForFriend
Piotr Pstrąg

Honda civic 8

Review - CarForFriend

I highly recommend CarForFriend

Review - CarForFriend

I highly recommend After a long search for a vehicle, my Ford Mustang was delivered today. The gentlemen from inspected several cars, in person he inspected three cars, sent a report that included lots of photos of all sorts of vehicle details, videos, etc. Paint measurements, vehicle inspection in the US and even a photo from the US. As a bonus, they brought the vehicle to my front door, even after the MOT and registered in my name. I haven't seen such professionalism, helpfulness and most importantly satisfying the client at any cost in a long time. A daily report on where the vehicle was, what was going on with it, etc. How many times did we text with Mr. Horak even at 11 pm. Thank you again.

Review - CarForFriend

I hope to meet again someday when changing a car!

Review - CarForFriend

I came across quite by accident. I was looking for a car up to 25 thousand euro and I found my Honda Civic 8. From the very beginning, I was kept informed about the whole process from import to delivery. Mr Daniel is the best expert and thanks a lot for his patience with me and my questions. ????For all those who have doubts, I can recommend this company because it's reliable and they do what they like with great commitment and passion ???? Greetings and I hope to meet again someday when changing a car ???? I'm sure we'll meet again

Review - CarForFriend

Absolutely professional conduct of the company.

Review - CarForFriend

Absolutely professional conduct of the company and especially Mr. Horák. It is impossible to evaluate the professional service in any way so here is at least my experience in points: professional fast and professional communication, help in choosing a car, examination and evaluation of the selected vehicle remotely, inspection by a technician on the spot, fast delivery of the car and even faster delivery when the vehicle is delivered to the Czech Republic, negotiation of a discount on the vehicle... The result is the vehicle shown in the picture, I call it Buchtička, because it is such a rounded pet. Thank you again for the full service

Review - CarForFriend


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