We are a European company located in Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Spain! You, as a customer, are always at the center of our efforts.

We provide a technical check of cars

The price of a technical check by our experts depends on the country in Europe and the car. It starts from 250 Euro for a middle-class car in Germany, Poland…

Technical inspection takes place in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, etc.

We deliver the car to the harbor in Europe

We deliver the car to the harbor in Europe, like Bremerhaven Germany, Marseilles France, Barcelona Spain, Gdańsk Poland.

The price depends on the car's location in Europe, but it starts from 300 Euro for a car.

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We organize a shipment of the car in a container.

You’ll also get all the documents you might need once you get the vehicle in your country of destination.

Remember to inform us about the local requirements. Otherwise, you get only the car documents and the invoice!

You can choose if you pay using our services

We pay for the car when we pick it up. Or you pay directly to the car owner, dealership, etc. We Strongly do not recommend sending money to private sellers in Europe as to some not identified companies! If you do not trust the company, then use our services for your security. We have a small commission on it (like 5 Euro for 1000 Euro of the car value), to pay the transfers in Europe. But we know the local markets, currency exchange rates, and bank transfers to make it wise and save your money.

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Since October 2015, our parent company has become a member of the German association for the automotive trade - Bundesverband für freie KFZ-Händler, which confirms our efforts to reliably present several used vehicles are successful also in Germany. The organization includes 800 dealers with carefully selected, proven passenger cars. The thing is that these vehicles will be as stated in the advertisement descriptions. There is also a guarantee of the number of kilometers driven and the condition of the car!

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