Can I pay with USD or other currencies?

Well, your invoice will be in EURO or USD only!

Ask your bank for the exchange rate if you pay in other currencies.

As we can also accept PLN, CZK, SEK, AUD, and other European and non-European currencies, ask us for it always in advance!

Can I pick up my car by myself? Can you help me with an EU visa?

Yes, but sometimes it depends on the country you come from.

Can I drive the car home across Europe or outside Europe?

Not always! Some European countries support this way of transport, so you'll get a local registration number and export insurance, but other countries will give you the car without registration plates and insurance. In that case, it can only be transported by truck.

Can I pay with PayPal or Bitcoin?

No, PayPal for business is about 6 to 10% commission.

For tax reasons, money laundering, etc., we do not accept Bitcoin at the moment. But we work on it. Ask us about the status later!