What do I get exactly for my money? What is included and what is not?

We do for you the following services included in the basic price:

- first call to the seller.

- checking the car history online. We have access to Internet-based data banks about almost every car delivered and maintained within Europe.

- we negotiate the price for you and inform you about the results. We buy hundreds of cars annually all over Europe, so we usually get much better prices than you buying a single car.

- we prepare all the documents you might need to export your car from one EU country to the other or outside the European Union.

- we organize the best logistics options for you.

- and finally, we advise you which car is worth buying.

Is the car covered with insurance when being handled by CarFoFriend?

Sure, it's at our risk and responsibility, but we are also insured.

Do you deliver vehicles to non-EU countries?

Ukraine is the only exception. We can get your car to Ukraine. For details, check our page carforfriend.com.ua.

The cars for residents of other non-EU countries situated in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South or North America (USA), we deliver to a European airport, sea harbor, or border agency within Europe only!

What are the additional costs?

See our price list in Terms of service

What languages do you speak?

We speak English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Ukrainian.

If this doesn't help - write in your language, and we will try to find a way out to communicate with you!

Do CarForFriend team take care of the registration of the car in my country?

In the majority of European countries, we do. We ask you about it, and you'll decide for yourself how you would like the car to be delivered.