Who do I pay for the car?

You usually pay us! It is very important! In some cases, you will have to pay directly to the seller - but NEVER EVER do it on your own, without our instructions!

Usually, we pay with an instant wire transfer to the seller only when we pick up the car to avoid problems. Before paying, we always check the documents, keys, and of course, the car. Then we pay for the vehicle, and our logistics picks it up.

Our bank account number is at the Deutsche Bank/Postbank

DE 15 6001 0070 0812 6807 09 for EURO payment only!


Is my purchase secure and safe?

Yes, we never pay in advance. We use insurance during the ownership and transport of your car.

Who do I buy the car from?

You buy the car from us! From JCK DE G.m.bH, a German company registered in Germany in accordance with German law!

In some cases, you will buy your car directly from the seller, but 95% of transactions go over our company. The rest are tax-oriented exceptions when exporting a vehicle outside the EU to avoid double taxation.

Can I get exact and accurate information about the additional costs?

Of course! Your offer will always be very accurate.

First, we choose the car, prepare information regarding the car price and additional costs. Then you decide to purchase it and pay. Finally, we deliver the car so you can enjoy it.

Can I get separate invoices for the car and services?

Of course.

How do you check the cars?

We work with a network of our company experts and some locally based experts in EU countries.

First of all, you will get car history from us or some dealerships we work with.

We make a test drive and check the engine, gearbox, and painting as a second step. You'll get about 30-50 pictures of the cars, which differ from the photos in the announcement. You'll get very detailed pictures showing the important parts of the vehicle you should see before making your decision.

Then we check the documents: registration, ownership, and COC or Certificate of Conformity, which is a document that each car in Europe must have. Some countries do not accept vehicles without it or require extra technical control. But other EU countries do not demand these documents. Check your country's law before buying!

Do you work with Carfax or other tools?

Yes, and no at the same time. It depends on the EU country. Sometimes Carfax doesn't bring you further. Germany, with the biggest market of used cars, does not use Carfax at all.